Short Story Contest 2016

GAT Literary Prize is an international prize established by Toronto-based Global Asian Times to promote the finest in short fiction by rewarding the most outstanding and compelling short stories of the year from across the world. We honor talented writers by bringing their work to wide international readership. Our recognition model is manifold to shine the spotlight on a large number of promising writers. Our longlist will comprise of top 50 entries with each longlisted contestant a winner of sorts:

  • Top 5 contestants will win cash prizes totaling $2000. A video of their story being read by an acclaimed Canadian writer will be shared separately for each winner on multiple platforms for optimum exposure. The winning stories, along with a personalized interview with the winner, will also appear in print in Global Asian Times and GAT Literary Prize.
  • The next 20 notable stories will be published in Global Asian Times and GAT Literary Prize.
  • The remaining 25 stories will be placed under the Honorable Mentions category with the name of the writer along with the title of their story.






Have you always been a passionate wordsmith endowed with the craft of stringing words that have the intensity to cut open readers’ hearts to etch your name on them? Have you been excited yet terrified, upbeat yet down, and quite simply overwhelmed by the ocean of writers swimming to get ashore? You don’t need high-placed literary connections to expose your extraordinary writing skills to the world. All you need is an internet connection to submit your original, unpublished entry according to the rules of the GAT Literary Prize short story contest.



WHAT: Submit your original, unpublished fictional stories on any topic. The maximum word count is 2,000 words. There is no minimum word count. The word count includes titles. If you are using Microsoft Word, go to Tools, then Word Count. Please don’t confuse word count and character count. Please visit the RULES or FAQ tabs for details.

WHEN: The short story competition runs from January 8, 2016 to June 8, 2016. Winners will be announced on September 8, 2016 to coincide with International Literacy Day.

WHO: Contestants must be 18 years or older in Canada and must have reached the age of majority in other parts of the world to compete in the GAT Literary Prize Short Story Contest.

HOW: Submission is online only. Please use the SUBMIT link to participate in the contest. Multiple entries are allowed with separate fees for each entry.

FEE: Entry fee per submission is $20 (US) to cover administrative costs. Please visit the SUBMIT link for payment details.


“The GAT Literary Prize is an initiative that promotes the written word and is hence laudable…”— Mukul Deva
“When I won an international short story competition, agents from the UK, US and Hong Kong approached me via social media.”— Kirstin Zhang
“Someone only has to write a short story… simply a short story and that’s it! Yet, the platform will give them international exposure and money. I wish I was a participant and not a judge!”— Ketan Bhagat
“Publishers use literary contests to search for the next big talent.”— Saadia Faruqi
“New and established writers will get an opportunity to showcase their talent on a dynamic platform like the GAT Literary Prize.”— Ben Antao


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